Hania Hussein

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Photography piqued my interest at a young age, when I traveled to faraway places like Cairo and Rome; I experienced these aesthetically rich places by recording those moments with my little point and shoot. Over the years, I have found myself photographing everything from rural and urban landscapes, family, friends, the beauty found in unexpected places, but most of all, I love to capture the essence of a person I have only just met. Whether it be one person, an entire family  or the very special wedding day, to be the observer and the visual historian of a very intimate event is a lovely experience. For some people, photographing an experience takes them out of the present moment-for me, it brings me into the moment, archiving memories that I might not always be able to recollect.

I took my first photography course at Orange County High School of the Arts where I majored in Creative Writing; over the years I have taken several photography classes and have found great solace working in the dark room. Born and raised in Orange County, I seized the opportunity to move to the bay area where I received a B.A. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. Since 2010, I have been back in Orange County and have enjoyed working on various photography projects.

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